Hearing Testing

About Hearing Testing

An adult hearing evaluation is a comprehensive assessment conducted by an audiologist to evaluate an individual’s hearing abilities and identify any hearing loss or related concerns. The evaluation typically involves several components.

Firstly, a detailed discussion about the patient’s medical history and hearing concerns helps the audiologist understand the context and possible causes of hearing issues. Next, a physical examination of the ears is performed to check for any abnormalities or blockages. The evaluation also includes a series of specialized tests, such as pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, and tympanometry, to assess hearing sensitivity, speech understanding, and middle ear function. These tests help the audiologist determine the degree and type of hearing loss, if present, and guide appropriate treatment recommendations.

The audiologist then reviews the test results with the patient and discusses potential treatment options or management strategies based on their individual needs. Overall, an adult hearing evaluation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s hearing abilities and tailor interventions to optimize their hearing health and quality of life.

Signs of a Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear.  Having trouble hearing can make it hard to respond to warnings, and to hear doorbells and alarms. It can also make it hard to enjoy talking with friends and family. All of this can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous.  Here are a few signs that you might have hearing loss.


Do others complain the TV is too loud?

Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy room?

Do you have more trouble hearing women than men?

Do you ask others to repeat themselves?

Do you avoid going out because you’ll struggle to hear?

Do you notice any ringing or buzzing sounds in either ear?

Hearing Loss FAQ

Approximately 2% of adults aged 45 to 54 have disabling hearing loss. The rate increases to 8.5% for adults aged 55 to 64. Nearly 25% of those aged 65 to 74 and 50% of those age 75 and older have disabling hearing loss.

How does exposure to loud noise impact your hearing?

Approximately 15 percent (26 million) of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds or noise at work or in leisure activities.

Who is more likely to experience hearing loss, men or women?

Men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women.

What percentage of American adults report hearing loss?

Approximately 17 percent of American adults report some degree of hearing loss.

Is there a connection between hearing loss and age?

There is a strong relationship between age and reported hearing loss: 18 percent of American adults 45-64 years old, 30 percent of adults 65-74 years old, and 47 percent of adults 75 years old or older have a hearing loss.

Your First Visit

What to expect during your first visit

Don’t be nervous.  A hearing evaluation is a painless procedure.  We’ll ask a few questions.  Take a look inside your ear and perform a battery of tests.  The test will include listening to a series of tones and a list of words.  At the completion of the test, we’ll provide you with an explanation of the results and a list of recommendations. The entire evalaution from start to finish will take approximately one hour.  

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